Hide Blue Tick in AN Whatsapp

How to Hide a Blue Tick in AN WhatsApp Account

You might not be able to see the two blue checkmarks if you’re using an AN version of WhatsApp. They demonstrate that your message was read. But what happens if you wish to read a message privately?

At that point, it becomes crucial to conceal the second tick. You might respect your privacy or wish to avoid having the impression that someone is watching everything you do in chats.

You therefore begin searching for a solution to cover up that second tick. Hiding the second tick has undoubtedly crossed your mind, whether you’re attempting to steer clear of embarrassing situations or you want more control over your communications. It’s quite simple to hide the second ticks in AN Whatsapp. You must adhere to the detailed instructions on how to hide the second check in an AN WhatsApp.

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How to Hide Second Tick in AN Whatsapp? Easy and Quick Steps

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to hide the second tick in an AN WhatsApp:

Open AN WhatsApp on your device to get started.

AN WhatsApp

Locate and tap the three dots that are located in the upper right corner of the screen.

AN WhatsApp

Choose the “ANMods” option from the menu that displays.

AN WhatsApp

Once in the ANMods area, locate “Privacy and Lock” and touch on it.

AN WhatsApp

Find and touch “Contacts” in the “Chat settings” section.

AN WhatsApp

Once you reach the “Chat Settings” section, continue scrolling down.

AN WhatsApp

Four alternatives will show up. Press the second one, which says “Hide Blue tick.”

AN WhatsApp

Once you’ve chosen this option, press “OK” to confirm your selection.

AN WhatsApp

Best wishes! You’ve managed to conceal the second tick in AN WhatsApp, guaranteeing that people will read your messages covertly.

You may keep your privacy and hide the second tick when messaging on AN WhatsApp by following these procedures.

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In conclusion

And that’s it, folks! You can now quickly hide the second check on WhatsApp and take control of your privacy with these easy steps. You can talk freely without being concerned that those blue ticks would reveal your identity. And never forget that you may easily toggle a setting to expose those blue ticks once more.


If I conceal the second tick, will the sender be able to tell if I have read their message?

The sender won’t be able to tell if you’ve seen their message after you conceal the second tick. It resembles using your communications as a covert agent. Even if you’ve hidden the second tick on your end, you’ll still be able to see if anyone else has viewed your messages.

Is it my decision who notices the second tick and who misses it?

No, that second tick is concealed for everyone once it’s hidden. Your messages appear to be hidden behind an invisible cloak. If you have read them, nobody can see.

How can I display the second tick once more?

Simply go back into your AN WhatsApp settings and flip the switch to display those second ticks again if you ever decide to change your mind.

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